Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My other camera is a cell phone: some January photos

As some of you may remember, I got a fancy-schmancy camera in August, no thanks/thanks to a home invasion. I love my camera. It takes superb pictures.

But the reality is that most of my pictures are taken with my iphone.  I guess it's been a year of electronics, because I got a fancy-schmancy new iphone for my birthday.  I'll spare you with the details of how obsessively I waited for the new iphone to come out, and how I read live tweets from the unveiling like it was the moon landing.  I love my iphone.  It takes very good pictures, considering.  I still wish I was taking more pictures with my good camera, but the reality is that MJ moves quickly, and if I run to the other side of the house to find my camera the moment has usually passed.  But my phone is almost always with me.  

So here are some of the recent photos, some of which have shown up on my twitter feed and some of which haven't.  If there's a theme to this month, it's something along the lines of:  oh my she is growing up fast.  I do not exaggerate when I call her independent.  She wakes up and gets her own snack in the morning.  She picks out her clothes and puts them on with minimal help from me; the end result is usually a fascinating combination of colors, patterns and unusual layering.  She puts on her winter coat and her gloves.  Now that she wears pull-ups she changes her diaper by herself, supposing there's no poop.  She brushes her teeth herself.  I am not allowed to help with any of it, unless she gets very frustrated.  It makes me feel much more comfortable with the idea of adding a second child to the mix, and makes me alternately so proud of her and somewhat sad.  I am absolutely loving this age, it's hard to let go of even the smallest pieces.
This smile probably means she was getting in to something.  Either playing with my phone, or she found candy, or a sheet of stickers.
This was a newborn hat.  She was determined to get it on her head, and finally succeeded.  I do not think it is a newborn hat any longer.
Dad, practicing with two. 

This was an ice shanty with dress up clothes (it's a long story, we do things like that here in Minnesota.)  Dad was much more excited about dressing up than MJ was.
But she was very excited about the mouse ice-cycle.  In case you were wondering, we were on a frozen lake.
Even Vito doesn't escape dress up time.
I love this outfit.  She picked it.  What you can't see in this picture is a Wonder Woman leg warmer which she put on just one leg.
This should be the theme picture of the month.  She likes to put her hood on herself, separate from her coat (because it detaches from the jacket).  But in so doing, she manages to look like Kenny.  Every time I look in my rear view mirror, this is what I see.
Teethbrushing time.  Don't you dare put the toothpaste on for me
This was a dad's night when the ladies were out at dinner.  I can't get over how mature she looks in this picture.  Maybe it's just because she's actually sitting still. 
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