Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11 weeks

First day of work.  My fashion theme for my new office?  Hide the bump.
This evening.  I meant to take this at the start of the day, before I looked so haggard.  But as you can see...

I started this last week.  I'm going to try to keep it going every week, but I'm not going to answer every question every week, because frankly, sometimes there's nothing to say.
Due Date: 1 August by my calculations.  When the doc took out his little wheel he said 3 August.  I think 1 August is more accurate.

Weight Gain:  5 lbs  I have really, truly been doing everything right.  I've been eating better than before I got pregnant and have been exercising.  Still, I'm gaining weight more rapidly than I should be.  I'm starting to think this is my pregnancy destiny.  Last time I gained so much and was so uncomfortable I swore not to repeat my mistake.  So far, same path.

Symptoms:  Most mornings I dry heave for a bit.  MJ often runs to get me Ritz crackers.  My child is so sweet (and she sees it as an excuse to eat crackers for breakfast.)  As for the fatigue, I have discovered that if I get a solid 9 hours of sleep I do pretty well.  That, and if I don't try to spike my coffee with decaf for the day. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions:   Love: pizza.  I'm pretty much finding that anything my toddler loves I also love.

I am loving:  A dear friend of mine just had her baby on Monday.  We were both trying to get pregnant at the same time and both faced difficulties (of different sorts).  I often felt she was the only one I could talk to about things, and I'm so happy for her.  I also find myself very happy that I didn't get pregnant then, and still have several more months to enjoy my only child.

I am looking forward to:  Meeting a potential doula in a couple weeks.  I don't know whether or not we'll feel that she is the "one", but she's a blog friend and it's always exciting to meet blog friends in real life.
I'm spazzing about:  Adjusting to being a working mom again.  While I've been a working mom, of varying sorts, since MJ was born, this is the first time I feel like the average joe.  I work in an office building.  I can no longer just wear t-shirts.  I have to fill out a time-card.  Etc.  As someone who has had a flexible work arrangement for a very long time, it is a weird thing to adjust to. 

Best thing about this week:  All the well wishes sent my way for this new job were amazing.  It really makes a girl feel loved.  So far the job is going well, but it's all very new.  Lots of background reading, papers and what-not, which is interesting but a bit dry.  I think it will start to pick up soon.  It's been very nice to use my science brain again, though, and to actually have adult conversations.  I feel like I'm starting to get my person-hood back, rather than just being a wife and a mother.

Milestones/Progress:  Apparently the size of a lime.  Sounds kind of big.

Movement:  I'm really starting to think I've been feeling movement.  Nothing substantial, but something that can't be described in any other way.  Last time around I had similar feelings and wondered, and then was finally convinced at about 13 weeks.  In retrospect, those earlier feelings were movement, and this time around I feel more comfortable calling it that.  I know it's early, though, and many people are skeptical of feeling movement this early.

It's a...: baby!

Exercise: Still using the treadmill.  We also had beautiful weather here this week, so lots of walks.   I can already tell how much less activity I get sitting in an office all day than chasing a toddler, so I've tried some lunch time walks.  But the area my office is in isn't... picturesque.  Not a great place to be going for walks.

My firstborn:  Adjusting very well to being back at daycare full time.  In fact, she seems to love it.  She's been napping better, and for that matter sleeping perfectly (8 pm to 7:30 am!!), all of which I attribute to weaning her from the bottle.  She didn't have it at daycare and was therefore not napping well there, and she would lose it at night and kept waking up.  So we took it, cold turkey.  She got up very early for a couple weeks but then adjusted. 

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