Friday, August 28, 2009

A drag queen sat on my baby.

The Gay 90's. Bachelorette Party. Drag Show. Queen named.... Desiree, maybe? I forget, but she won a Ru Paul title, which sounds impressive in the drag world (not that I really know.) Damn, girl had some moves, and long, long legs. She wandered through the audience. People gave her dollars, she danced. I wasn't about to approach the stage to tip my entertainer (pregnant girl in front of the audience? I don't think so.) So when she walked (strutted) by, this was my chance to give her a tip. Only then she sat on my belly. And caressed (I think? Couldn't really see.) my friend's boobs. There were legs in the air. I could barely breathe. Baby will never forgive me. Still in utero and already traumatized for life.


  1. ha!! This is hilarious :) I LOVE the 90s drag show - so entertaining - I'm sure your baby enjoyed it, even in utero ;)

    By the way, I found your blog from the nest, in case you were wondering!