Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thoughts on life

1)  Progesterone sucks.
2)  The real reason people don't talk about fertility treatments is that they are sometimes degrading and gross.
3)  How easy is it to hack into an internet camera?
4)  I think I'm taking the job.  But I won't know for weeks yet because of government bureaucracy.
5)  It's only 75% time.  Sweet!  The perfect compromise.
6)  I have really enjoyed teaching this semester, I'm afraid I'm going to regret my decision.
7)  I'm going to miss working with my fellow blogger...
8)  I've decided it's time to start decorating for Christmas.  November 1st is my new deadline.  It's too good a holiday to only last one month.
9)  We took MJ to Disney World.  It was AWESOME.  Pictures to come, if Picasa learns how to cooperate.
10)  Today was the first day that felt like winter.  :(
11)  Maybe when I start this new job you'll get more blogs from me because I won't be spending every evening working.
12)  I tour a new daycare tomorrow.  The idea of moving MJ to a new place is traumatic.  But I'm not convinced I want to keep her at her current place for preschool, and this seems like it might be a logical time for a transition. 
13)  I lost half of my house plants to a mealy bug infestation.
14)  Picasa cooperated: