About Me

I've been broadcasting mundane details of my life to the internet for a very long time now.  But I could never get the blog thing down until January 2009, when I got my BFP (big fat positive in mom blog lingo.... pathetic that there is such a thing as mom blog lingo.)  Then all of a sudden I had the need to say things.  I didn't know anyone in my real life who was pregnant, and very few people who had kids.  But I had all these thoughts about cloth diapers and nursery design pinging through my head, and no one to share them with. 

Now I've moved on, to actually having a baby.  And I gotta tell you, it feels like some surreal experiment with no control group.  By day I'm a scientist/grad student who doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up (well, knows what, but knows that no one wants to pay for it.)  But at night and day and all those moments in between (which you don't even know exist until you have a baby) I'm mama to MJ, a darling, precocious, smiling experiment.