Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oh, G.

In all the rush and chaos of your new brother, I forgot that you passed a milestone, too.  18 months.  All toddler, all the time.  I have loved every age you've been through, even the ones I sort of dreaded, such as this.  Your sister was a very hard toddler, so I sort of dreaded it this time.  I'm not sure that you're much easier, but this time I was prepared.  I knew what I was up against.  And because you're home with me, you get a lot more sleep and therefore a happier kid.  It turns out that if your kid is destroying your house but is smiling and laughing while you do it, it's hard not to smile and laugh yourself.  Even while watching your socks get put in the garbage can.

A few of your faves at this age.
- Chattering all. the. time.  I understand only a small number of the things that come out of your mouth, but you seem convinced that you're having a conversation with me.  I will never know whether there's actual content behind your gibberish, or whether you're just imitating the patterns of speech you hear around you.  I suspect the latter, but you seem to think the former.
- Putting babies to bed.  All over the house.  In every nook and cranny.  You also love to steal your brothers bottles when he's finished with them and either stick them in your play kitchen or give them to your babies.
- Your sister.  Everything she does is fascinating to you.  If she wants to play with you, you are always on board.  It is cool that she is also starting to find you so fun.  Despite occasional tussles over toys, you seem to have the makings of a wonderful friendship.
- Fruit.  Spaghetti.  Frozen peas.  ORANGES ALL THE TIME.  Salmon.
- Tormenting poor Vito.  Your land yourself in timeout for this constantly and yet it seems to make no difference.  I do not know how to get this to stop.  He seems to be getting more frustrated with you, though then you go get a pile of dog food and bring it to him and he forgives you.
- Saying hi to strangers.  I absolutely love this.  Often you're sitting in the cart at the grocery store, and everyone that walks by simply must say hello to you. You will insistently shout "Hi!  Hi!  HI!HI!HI!" until they pay attention and say hi back.  Without fail it brings a smile to everyone's face.

G, you get more fun and more precocious by the day.  You are growing up fast, largely because you want to do what your sister does, and already seem to be ready to put the high chair away.  You already pay attention to letters and ask me what they are.  And books, all. the. time.  They are your constant companion.  Although I constantly compare and contrast you to your sister, I love seeing you become your own person.  You have rocked my world little one, and now you're starting to rock everyone else's.  Thanks for joining our family.