Saturday, June 7, 2014

Teddy the acrobat

Friday, June 6, 2014

5 months

I am writing this post under duress.  There is a washing machine that is broken and a blind that is broken and and and.... how dare I take 10 minutes to update my blog?

But alas, it helps keep me sane.  Documenting these little milestones, even if I'm doing so a week late.  There is is always something that NEEDS to be done, it turns out.  So much of the time I just have to ignore it all if I want to accomplish anything.

This month has been a pretty good one.  I have felt, of late, as though I'm emerging from a fog.  Buddy boy is finally napping pretty well.  Generally a short nap in the morning and a long one in the afternoon, so I can finally get a few things done to ease my stress levels.  If it was up to him, his naps would be perfectly out of sync with Greta's, so that he wakes up from his nap right as she's going down for hers.  But instead, we force him to nap on the go so that we can get out of the house and go places.  He does okay in the Ergo, though never naps in the stroller or car seat.  This is life with three.  He's forced to be more flexible than he wants to be for the sanity of the whole family.

This is the month that we finally started breast feeding and finally stopped breast feeding.  He got about a month more than he would have had we kept pumping, but he just wasn't very good at it.  And my supply was pretty crappy, which frustrated him, which led to lower supply, bla bla bla.  I've been through this same thing with three kids now.  With Greta, I did everything perfect, breastfed her nonstop, and still couldn't produce enough.  So I no longer blame myself, as though I could have done something different.  My body just doesn't cut it in the nursing realm, so THANK GOD for formula.  I feel blessed to have finally transitioned and taken the stress of myself.

He continues to get up about twice a night.  It's been so long since I've had good sleep that I no longer remember what it's like.  This feels pretty tolerable, especially when I get to sleep pretty early.  I've been starting to think of cutting out night time feeds because he just doesn't take it very seriously and doesn't really seem to need it.  I think he's turning out to be a side sleeper, which seems to be his preferred position when he can get himself into it.  But still usually a tummy sleeper for coordination purposes, with his movement monitor for my peace of mind.

Little man smiles and laughs readily.  He has discovered his amazing feet and that he can stick them in his mouth.  Also his hands, though that has been less monumental all in all. When I'm feeding him a bottle he grasps my finger so that I don't take it away.  If he wants a break, he'll move my hand away for a minute and then bring it back.  If I dare take it out too soon, he flaps his arms and his legs like a crazy person until I give it back.  He's pretty clear when he's done.

His jaws are fierce.  Still no teeth but he can cause real pain when he clamps down on your hand, which he does every chance he gets.  These photos may make it evident that he is teething constantly.   Lots of "goo goo ga ga" happening.

He definitely knows both his parents, and gets excited right along with the girls when Dad gets home.

This is also the month that Greta has turned the tide.  She is becoming so very sweet to him, which I just love seeing.  She is constantly bringing him toys, covering him up with a blanket and giving him drive by kisses.  Although I still worry she'll accidentally hurt him with her toddler wildness, she is not nearly the threat to him that she used to be.  She now goes up to random babies everywhere and gives them kisses, she thinks they're the best thing ever.  So I'm holding out hope for their relationship, and that she will one day think of him as a true buddy.

As may be evident from these photos, I had a hard time narrowing them down.  Also, someone else could not resist having her photo taken.  Consider it a guest appearance.

As I write this he sits in my lap, trying his darnedest to get his hands on the keyboard.  Pretty mesmerized by this typing business.