Friday, April 29, 2011

Sometimes we take her to places she really doesn't belong.

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Blogger's Block

I haven't been around much lately, in case you haven't noticed.  

A lot has been on my mind, and this just hasn’t felt like the place to share it.  Questions about work, school, housing, our future, the list goes on.  We lost the house that I posted about previously.  It’s a long story that involves many delays and demands from the sellers, including the requirement we pay for their movers or they wouldn’t be able to be out of the house by the agreed upon closing date.  We were pretty flexible at first, but that last one put us over the edge and we called off the deal.  So we’re back to the house hunt, only now we’ve seen 90% of the 4 bedroom houses in St. Paul and are feeling less optimistic about finding something in our price range.

All those boxes I had started packing now seem presumptuous...

On the upside, though, MJ's still really cute! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eeek! A giraffe ate my baby!

I'm guessing PETA would have a field day with this zoo we visited in Florida. Apparently they've already had their Gorilla put on probation. So feeding toddlers to the giraffes might be frowned on.

MJ has been totally in love with dogs and cats. So much so that we've even started bribing her to go places by saying "There might be a kitty there!" which works magically but is probably a parenting misdeed. So I really thought she'd love the zoo. It turns out the giraffes, which we could feed, were the only thing worthy of a smile.

On the up side, we learned that the whole monkeys-love-bananas concept is true!  When we surreptitiously gave her a banana (the signs clearly said no outside food or drink) the monkeys were totally rapt. They kept motioning for her to give them some of her banana and made little "come hither" sounds.  But, like the toddler she is, she wasn't willing to share that banana with anyone, even a monkey.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The packing begins

We have about 2.5 months until we close on the new house. We decided to start packing early, to make sure we wouldn't forget anything important.