Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I must look big...

You all know this old woman. The one who looks like she's had a hard life, and has enough of a glare to make sure that you realize it too. The one who will stare down some wiry young guy playing on his iphone until he realizes that there are no empty seats on the bus and guilt him into offering her his seat.

This is the woman that offered me her seat today. And the bus wasn't even full. I apparently have a delusional concept of how fatigued I look, because when this woman takes sympathy on you, you know you must look world weary.

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  1. Hey, I posted a comment here the other day, but I must have goofed in finalizing the posting, because I see it didn't show up! I said that I was happy to find your blog and look forward to reading more about your journey. I also love this story about the old lady on the bus. I bet you get a lot of miles out of the story over the coming years.