Monday, August 17, 2009

Here's why I'm excited.

When I was in the military (there I go revealing more personal details) everyone thought I was a dirty, grungy hippy. And now that I'm a geologist, where everyone is a dirty-grungy-hippy, many consider me to be more on the conservative side. Because *gasp* I didn't vote for Franken, I don't consider buying organic to be the end-all, I drive when I could walk (though I am 8 months pregnant) and I sometimes eat frozen pizzas (though A and I made a pact to stop that after the little one is here, because it makes us feel a little trashy.)

BUT. The things that make me excited about having a newborn, in addition to having heard that they're pretty damn cute: baby wearing and cloth diapers. That does make me sound like a dirty-grungy-hippy. I have never used a cloth diaper in my life, but for some reason they are so addictive. It's like collecting baseball cards or something. And the idea of kangarooing (I'm pretty sure I made up that word) is so cool to me; it's like having a growth stuck to your abdomen that experiences all the same things you do. You can then rehash your actions, the night before, the weather and politics, and get some pretty great advice in return (i.e. a dirty diaper to indicate that you really should have held your tongue.) It's like having breakfast with your girlfriends (a la Sex in the City, may she rest in peace) but without the food coma afterwards.

P.S. I've been corrected many times that it's "Hippie" and not "Hippy". But being as I come from the land of hippy's, I feel pretty comfortable spelling it my way. Thanks anyway.

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  1. Is being a hippie being green and overgrown, and is being a hippy being someone who is hip?