Friday, August 7, 2009

I just took the elevator one floor.

To use the restroom, which, against all reason, is one floor down from my office. Because I work in a building old enough that back in the day they only bothered putting women's rooms on the floors secretaries work on, while they put men's rooms on every floor. Somehow, every science building I've worked in seems to have this issue.

But taking the elevator one floor? That ranks right up there in annoying-ness to:

1) People who stand on the street corner and ask "Do you have a minute to save the planet?" And I just want to shout at them, that's what I do every freaking day! And me giving you a dollar will not save the planet, because 90% of that dollar will go to pay bureaucrats and street hawkers like you.

2) People who don't replace the toilet paper/acid in the clean lab after using all of it (very different scenarios, but they truly feel about the same.)

3) People who take the bus one stop. Which is ~2 blocks. Or at least, I used to find this annoying, until I got pregnant. And started taking the elevator one floor.


  1. lol the wait for the elevator probably took less time than for an 8-month preggo to walk the stairs. You were trying to save time right? ;)

  2. I used to tell myself that every time I took the stairs instead of the elevator, I cut five minutes off my labor. It must have worked - my daughter was born after just one hour of active labor. With my son, who was born second, I didn't have the opportunity to climb stairs. I labored a few more hours with him...

    No pressure to go back to stair-climbing, though!

  3. To be fair, I usually manage to take the stairs. There have been a few days so far where it feels like too much, but most days I pull it off. I spent too many months being less active than I would have liked due to sciatic pain. After some physical therapy and chiro visits I'm feeling so much better, and trying to get my activity level back up. At 36 weeks pregnant I feel better than I did at 29, so I really can't complain.