Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My thoughts heading into battle.

1. I found out yesterday I tested positive for Group B Strep. I know it's not a big deal, but it's the first thing I would consider "risky" about this pregnancy (even though something like 30% of women test positive, so it's not really risky.) Unfortunately, it may lead to more interventions during labor (i.e. IV) than I had hoped.

2. There is a stretch mark explosion on my lower belly. I was bummed. My body is becoming a battlefield, and the real battle hasn't even begun.

3. As of monday I was finger tip dilated and 40% effaced. Not a ton of progress, but better than nothing. Any progress now is progress I don't have to make later.

4. I conducted a non-scientific survey last week on the bump. Everywhere I've read that only 10% of women have their water break before labor begins, but it seemed like so many of the birth stories I was reading involved water breaking before labor began. Turns out I was right, over 35% of women had their water break before labor began. I find this really interesting, because with over 200 respondents that's a pretty good sample population. Why is this population so much different? Or is the 10% just an outdated statistic?

4. I think today is my last day in the lab. I'm on the machine all day today, which is always satisfying. But it takes half my daily energy just to get into school, and I have decided that energy would be better spent by forgoing my 45 minute commute into school. I seem to be getting better work done with my feet propped up on the couch anyway.

5. My office mate, who sees me daily, made a comment today that I seem to have gotten huge. I was thinking the exact same thing, or else I might have been offended. Within the past week, I feel like my belly has doubled in size. Thus the stretch marks, I suppose. I know it hasn't actually gotten that much bigger, and I've probably only gained 0.5 lbs this week, but something feels different.

6. It is taking some serious will power not to buy more diapers. Specifically cute diapers, because I know I don't need any right now. Though I really don't have much past the newborn stage, but I had planned to wait and see what I like before buying more. I mean, how cute is this:

7. I am seriously excited about getting to wear normal clothes again. About being able to buy something on sale and think I might get to wear it next year, even if it's out of season at the moment. Just to look like a normal human again will be amazing.


  1. Maybe the water-breaking study is significantly insignificant because nearly half the women had their water broken artificially.

  2. True, but even if you assume all of those who had their water broken artificially would have had it break during labor, 35% still had their water break before labor began. If all those labors were allowed to progress naturally, the percent could only go up. Anyone know where the 10% figure originally comes from? I've tried to find a study but so far I've been unsuccessful.