Friday, January 20, 2012

12 Weeks

There are a lot of things wrong with this picture.  1) That it's late January and we still have our tree up (and that this is the best photo I've posted of it.)  2)  That this was me getting ready for work, complete with maternity pants and exposed belly and I expected no one at work to suspect 3) That every picture I post is taken from the "Roar!  I am towering over you!" angle.  Very unflattering.

Due Date: 1 August by my calculations.  When the doc took out his little wheel he said 3 August.  I think 1 August is more accurate.

Weight Gain:  4 pounds, which is down one pound from last week.  I was hit with a stomach bug early in the week.  Or it may have been resurgent morning sickness, but it has since died down and food is actually tasting good again.  Yet again, my dear daughter's empathy was moving.  While I don't really have any basis for comparison, her genuine concern seems to have a maturity that exceeds her years.
Symptoms:  Other than the morning sickness, I am starting to have a real, hard-to-hide belly.  I need to tell work soon, but there is just no good time to say "Hey!!  Thanks for hiring me, BTW I'm preggers!  Isn't that hilarious?"

Diet/Cravings/Aversions:   Being as I'm just beginning to be excited about food again, I count that as a craving.

I am loving:  My work/life balance.  I'm enjoying my new job.  I'm enjoying the time I get to spend with MJ.  I'm enjoying that I get home and still have enough time to not feel rushed to get dinner on the table.  We can play for a while before doing anything else.  Or, on some days, I can have an hour to myself before I pick her up.  Squeeze in some exercise.  I feel balanced, and it's an incredible feeling.

I am looking forward to:  Highlighting my hair at the end of first trimester.  In general I avoid such things during pregnancy, it just doesn't seem worth the risk.  But my hair is looking so incredibly ratty, and I figure one trip to the salon in an entire pregnancy can't be the worst thing in the world.
I'm spazzing about:  I'm not sure that spazz is the right word, because I'm also looking forward to it.  But I want to get started on rearranging rooms, getting baby things settled.  We need to move furniture, build furniture, decide how things will get situated, and since it takes forever for me to get these sorts of things done (what with the toddler and all) I'm anxious to get started. 

Best thing about this week:  I had a few child-free interactions with friends.  I often forget what a toll toddlers take on meaningful conversation, and while I've been lucky to still see many friends often, it can be hard to give them any real attention when a 2-year-old is also demanding all of it.  So it was nice to have some real, adult interactions with friends. 

Milestones/Progress:  The size of a plum.  That sounds yummy.

Movement: Didn't feel anything that felt like movement this week, so maybe it was all imagined.

It's a...: baby!

Exercise: I think I got in one treadmill run this week.  Maybe two.  I blame it on illness, though I'm sure that's not all of it.

My firstborn:  She seems so grown up lately.  Starting to just look like a big kid.  Get that far off look in her eye sometimes, like she's thinking deep thoughts.  She has decided that she also has a baby in her belly.  She also loves to say "bagina" instead of "lasagna", which makes us stifle laughter and makes her all the more committed to saying it.  So last week when I decided at the grocery store to make lasagna and she shouted "Yay!  Bagina!" I was mortified. 

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