Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 weeks

Due Date: 1 August by my calculations.  When the doc took out his little wheel he said 3 August.  I think 1 August is more accurate.

Weight Gain:  4 lbs

Symptoms:  Tired.  All the time.  The morning sickness has mostly passed. I have a few mornings that it's appears before I've eaten, but food is finally starting to taste good again.

What's different this time:  I don't remember being this tired last time.  I didn't have to take Progesterone, which was nice.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions:  Carrots, maybe?  Actually, it's probably the ranch dressing I eat with them that I've been craving.  Aversions: anything slightly ethnic.  Pretty vanilla food in these parts.

Sleep:   Good when I can get it.  But toddlers never sleep in.
I am loving: I took out the maternity clothes this week, and feel much better.  My belly was awfully squished.  But gosh, I forgot how scary some maternity clothes can be, particularly the ones that are the only things that fit in late pregnancy.  Also, yesterday during breakfast, MJ patted my belly and said "Baby.  Baby in mommy's belly."  That was pretty cute.
I miss:  Lunch meat.  A simple turkey sandwich sounds superb.
I am looking forward to:  Movement, I think.  But mostly this time I'm just trying to appreciate where I'm at, because I remember how tough it got for me later in pregnancy last time.  Also, looking forward to starting to work, sort of.

I'm spazzing about: Hmm, nothing.  I feel like I've mostly passed the high risk miscarriage phase.  Oh, I did spazz about labor the other day... but then put it out of my mind.

Best thing about this week:  Yesterday was my last day of Progesterone! 

Milestones/Progress:  Baby is now a fetus!  Sounds grosser than being an embryo, though.  Also, busting out all the maternity clothes.  And being asked if I was pregnant, that's a first so far.

Movement:   Phantom movements, even though I know it's too early.
It's a...: baby!

Exercise: For DH's birthday I got him a treadmill, which is now inhabiting our basement.  I thought it was ridiculous and would never get used, but I actually love it.  I've been able to do some light jogging while MJ sleeps and watch cheesy romantic comedies at the same time.  Feeling much better, and I hope to keep this habit up.

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