Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some Christmas Photos

Looking through all these photos, I realized that they are not representative. My Mom came early in the season and I managed to get very few photos of that (and none that were flattering enough for the internet). and only one lame photo of our wonderful tree.  I guess I'm guilty of taking far more photos when we travel. ::sigh::  But here's a few of the better ones to document our Christmas season.
Mj's buddy Milo.  We are blessed that they both attend the same daycare, and that we adore his parents.  Sometimes the affection appears to be one-sided, but she doesn't seem to care.
Bundled up.
Admiring one of our only snowfalls in December.  For a brief time it really felt like Christmas.
Orange Cookies!  It's not Christmas without Orange Cookies and Mj's uncle helped me make them.
MJ's Grandma, Great Aunt, and first cousin once removed.  (I'm learning my familial relations!!)
Another of MJ's great aunts.  Although she doesn't see this family much, she was immediately enamored (I think the feeling was mutual) and begging cookies off of them.
MJ's first cousin once removed.  (I think I have that right).

Sporting her Syracuse roots.
This was the trip when she really bonded with her Baba and uncle.  It was awesome to see.

There are a lot of incongruities in this picture. 
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