Friday, January 27, 2012

13 Weeks

It's hard to get her to wear pants.  What can you do.

Due Date: 1 August.

Weight Gain:  5 pounds.  
Symptoms: None this week!  Happy to report I am finally waking up nausea free!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions:   Lots of potatoes.  But only because I accidentally bought too many.

I am loving:  the weather.  I could used to a mild Minnesota winter.  Also, I told my boss this week that I was pregnant.  She was very supportive, and it's nice to have that off my chest. 

Also, we snuck an ultrasound pic this week.  One of the perks of DH having ultrasound access at work.  Not sure how significant, but babe was a lot more mellow than MJ was at this point.  She looked like she was doing somersaults and back flips, while this one looked active but more laid-back.  Maybe we'll have a more mellow second?  Dare I hope?

I am looking forward to:  My first appointment with my new midwife.  I switched clinics, so that I can deliver at a hospital that has a phenomenally good VBAC rate, and had my first nurse visit there this week.  I already have such a good feel from the place, and am really glad I made the switch.

Milestones/Progress:  Peach sized!

Movement: Just more phantom swimming..

It's a...: baby!

Exercise: A few jogs on the treadmill.  Feeling pretty good.

My firstborn:  Is becoming so grown up.  She can wake up and get her own snack in the morning, get dressed (with some prodding) and generally just look after herself.  It's amazing to watch this independence blossom, and gives me hope that we'll be better equipped to handle two young children now that one of them can do so much on her own.

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