Friday, February 3, 2012

14 Weeks

Due Date: 1 August.

Weight Gain:  7 pounds.  My modest, normal weight gain seems to be going out the window.  I am exactly on the same trajectory as with MJ, maybe my body just likes to pack on the pregnancy pounds. 
Symptoms:  Some crazy headaches this week, though I think that may be due to some virus that MJ brought home from daycare.  

Diet/Cravings/Aversions:   Nothing.  Lots of water.  I guess I wasn't loving the odd meat parts in my Bun Mi this afternoon, though I don't necessarily think that can be blamed on a pregnancy version.

I am loving:  Feeling so good!  I am full swing into the second trimester feelings of normalcy.  I'm not huge yet.  I'm no longer sick.  And best of all, my back doesn't hurt this pregnancy!  I'm able to work out and am feeling great, probably even stronger than before I got pregnant.

Also, heard the heartbeat this week at my midwife appointment.  While in general I'm convinced these appointments are a waste of time, it was nice to hear.  Little bugger seems to be doing well.

I am looking forward to:  Getting the baby room all cleared out.  I have boxes of papers from my PhD program and simply can't decide what to do with them, so I stare at them and make no progress.  I Need to dispose of them or file them away, and I think it will be immensely satisfying when I do.

Milestones/Progress: Lemon.

Movement:  Still undecided...

It's a...: baby!

Exercise:  The weather here has been lovely (by Minnesota standards), so in addition to a few runs on the treadmill I also got to run outside.  I'm even getting a little bit faster (which isn't really saying a lot).

My firstborn: I have decided this is my favorite age so far, almost 2 1/2.   She is fun, generally well behaved, learning so much every day.  She's just a joyous ball of energy, and I finally feel like I have some handle on the day to day goings on.  The balance between how stressed out she makes me and how much fun I have with her has always been pretty close, but now the stress level is much reduced while the fun level has sky rocketed.  It's a wonderful imbalance to have.

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