Saturday, February 11, 2012

15 1/2 weeks

It's pretty dark, so tough to see the actual bump.  But it's there.  It was hard to find a dress in my closet that actually fit me, after some combinations so atrocious that DH tried to snap a photo of the trainwreck.

Due Date: 1 August.
Weight Gain:  8 lbs.  Ugh.  I won't rant this weeks, see my earlier posts if you're interested.

Symptoms:  None really.  Other than being big.  The other night, while lying in bed, I'm certain I felt movement.  Hasn't happened again since, though.

Sleep:   If I don't drink boatloads of water, I get headaches.  I've always been headache prone, but it's pretty extreme now.  So much so that I end up drinking about two pint glasses of water over night, meaning I have to pee.  So sleep would be fine if I wasn't getting up to pee five times a night.
I am loving:  How good I feel.  I'm trying to motivate to get things done in the house while I feel good and the weather's still cold, so that once nice weather hits I can play outside with Madeline.  But I find myself instead either doing daily chores or playing with MJ.  I don't get the bigger things accomplished.  Now that DH has come off a 2 weeks stretch of crazy work, maybe I'll get more done now.  Here's hoping.
I miss:  Nothing really.  I feel great.  This is the first time I can say that I'm enjoying being pregnant.

I'm spazzing about: This is getting boring if I say nothing again... so I'll say food.  I've been cooking a lot, which I enjoy, but it has been sucking up a lot of my time.  I think this might be the week of easy meals, just to give myself a break.

Milestones/Progress:  A navel orange in my navel.

My firstborn:  Continues to be amazing to me.  Today we took her to watch a basketball game at a restaurant with some other fans.  She stayed contented for at least an hour, coloring and talking to people.  Tickling a baby.  Just generally being a great kid.  A year ago, my crazy hyper child would never have been able to dream of such a thing.  When she goes to bed now, I see her on the monitor "reading" for about 40 minutes before she actually falls asleep.  She is becoming engrossed in books and drawing and "writing".  I realize it will be years before she learns to read, but her fascination with it and her desire to learn have mellowed her a bit.  I find myself frequently proud of her now, when she shares with other kids or gives them kisses and hugs.  Don't get me wrong, she still has plenty of toddler moments, but the little person she's becoming is beautiful.  I wasn't confident of her ability to be kind or calm a year ago, and now I feel I'm seeing the beginnings of these things, and it gives me immense hope.  This is the perfect time to be adding a sibling, let's just hope that's still true 5.5 months from now.

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