Monday, April 12, 2010

7 months...

... and what a month it's been. First tooth ::bam:: Second tooth ::bam:: First vacation as a family. First swimming.  First sand. First grass. First clap. First pull up (she pulled herself up guys! It was amazing...)

On Friday, MJ saw her first fire. Our neighbors, who have also become good friends, invited us over for a bonfire in their backyard. MJ. Was. Stoked. If she could have spoken she would have said something like this...

"You guys. Do you see this? Seriously! How can you talk at a time like this? Do you see what's going on over there? I have NEVER seen anything like this. And IT. IS. COOL. Man I want to touch it... if only Mom would move me closer. Damn these legs... why don't they work yet. Guys? Guys? WHY ARE YOU NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE AMAZING THING GOING ON OVER THERE!!"

Yesterday we *finally* put the swing away. I know. We are TERRIBLE parents for still letting our kid nap in the swing. DH wanted to find another, bigger swing; he did NOT want to give up on the swing. But it has a 20 lb weight limit, and she is now reaching out and grabbing hold of the bars to stop it, so it really wasn't working anymore. Needless to say, yesterday was rough. She would NOT nap in her crib. She usually naps okay in the crib, but I think she decided to go on strike.

She's been a bit of a pill lately. I think she's frustrated; I remember a similar trend before she figured out how to roll over. This time, she sees things she wants but can't get to them, and it pisses her off. And so, for the first time, I find myself having to parent. I see her frustrated. I see why she's frustrated. Do I fix it for her? Or do I let her be frustrated so that she learns how to crawl? Ultimately, you go with your gut. I let her get frustrated, but not too frustrated. Where is the line? I don't know, but I know it when I see it. Is it the correct line? I don't know, and I'll probably never know.


  1. I STILL feel like that about fires!

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  3. Really Steven? You're spamming me about the TOOTH FAIRY? What sort of immoral b@stard spams about the tooth fairy? I'm not even going to delete your comment, because it's too absurd.

  4. HAHAHA repsponse to the post, no...there is no "right line" to stop at when kids are growing. You really do go with your gut! It's what makes parenting so frustrating. Then again, when your instincts are dead on, you have quite the accomplishment to remember!

    In response to Steven....I don't get it. Tooth Fairy? Is HE the tooth fairy? Cuz that would scare my kid right to death.