Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Writing for sport

l confess, I have been feeling uninspired lately.  This here blog has started to feel like another chore.  On top of the myriad chores that having a wee-one necessitates (bottles! bath time! reading!), which aren't all bad, but still must all be done, as well as the ones I've placed on myself (cloth diapers!) feeling like I had to keep up the blog felt like... too much.  Especially now that it's getting nice outside, so there's yardwork and grilling to be done.

But today I looked at my traffic feed, and saw how many of you are still visiting me here, and felt like I owe you something.  And NOT in a chore kind of way, but in a you've-all-been-so-kind-to-me-it-makes-me-happy-to-do-something-in-return sort of way.

Much of my lack of inspiration has been fatigue.  MJ is doing better with the sleep thing (fantastic, really) but I've had a cough for, going on 2 months now, which has gotten so bad that it keeps me up at night.  I'm running through the wickets to fix it, and today got put on a course of antibiotics.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  And toes.  And itty-bitty-nose-hairs.

MJ had her 6 month appointment last friday.  Proud mama that I am, I'm already boring you with mundane details.  But I don't care.

15% for length.  Tiny peanut!

20% for weight.  We consciously tried to bring her weight up a bit, and it looks like we succeeded.  She's starting to look like a little chubster!  Very pinchable cheeks.

 Which puts her right where she should be, weight for length.  Just a scoche (spelling?) over 50%.

And my favorite.  80% for head!  Girl has a monster noggin, but she wears the bobble head look well.

The pediatrician said she was very strong; it's no wonder, with a head like that she has to be.  She also called her anomalously fearless for a 6 month old.  I've been thinking a lot about that one. Anomalously fearless....

I saw what she meant on Saturday at our first swim lesson.  There were big water jets at the pool, shooting water into the air.  I marched her right up to them, never even thinking that would be a bad idea.  And she loved them.  Then I notice that all the other babies around me are terrified of them.  The moms are slowly trying to convince them that it's fun, they should try it, and some of them eventually did.  Some never did.

So I guess our pediatrician's right.  Anomalously fearless.  On the one hand, kinda cool.  It makes me proud to think that my child can take on the world, nothing can keep her down, bla, bla, bla.  But on the other hand.... a healthy dose of fear in a child is a good thing.  I want her to be somewhat afraid of things... like hotty-hot stoves and meany-mean strangers. 

After our last appointment we made a concerted effort to get her to eat more, and we succeeded.  This time around we need to put the fear in her...

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  1. I know the feeling when it comes to "blog chore syndrome".....but every one of es has experienced it and are completely sympathetic to the needs of a Mommy! That's why we're friends, see.....cuz we understand what happens with life and blogs and don't place too much pressure on each other to constantly write. And I like your pics! You could always just post some of them! :)