Monday, March 22, 2010

The great return...

...from vacation. We took a lovely vacay to Key West last week. Thus the pool pic. I read somewhere I'm not supposed to announce on my blog that I'm leaving town because some crazy stalker types will track down my address and rob my house. So I didn't tell you I was leaving (though you minnesotan's may have figured it out from the outdoor swimming). And I hid my laptop in my bra so that no one could find it. Not that those things can hide much more than an iphone (if that) since the end of breast feeding. I did enjoy the larger cup size, I'll admit it.

It was glorious. A week away. With husband and baby, and no one else. While the weather was wonderful, the days relaxing and the pina colada's tasty, my favorite part was getting non-stop baby time. She is in constant motion these days. If she's not sleeping then she's into something, or busy trying to catch the eye of everyone we walk by. I had her in the Moby most days, facing out, and the non-stop "look at the cute baby!" "Oh, what a doll!" etc. put a permagrin on my face; at first I tried to respond to all the comments, but by the end of the week I couldn't keep up. With all the pirates-with-parrots and snake-tamers busking on street corners, we thought about standing next to them with MJ in her Moby and a can for tips, all proceeds going to her college fund. We could have paid for a years worth of tuition from last week alone.

I admit it, I love having a cute baby. I love it particularly now because I know there's no risk of all the attention going to her head. I hope she gets a little less cute as she gets older, because I firmly believe brains are better than beauty (or at least that's how I justify my experience.) The ideal is brains, beauty and modesty, I suppose, but I wouldn't know how to raise a child that has all three.

Anyway, back to the vacay (what an obnoxious word... I love it...) MJ, it turns out, loves sand. Who knew? A baby that loves sand, what a rarity. Furthermore, she loves splashing in the water. And? She loves us. What a wonderful, wonderful week. I will be posting pics soon...


  1. Sounds pretty amazing! Can't wait to see pics.

  2. How is it that everyone I know went some place tropical over break and I was here watching the snow melt? Soooo not fair.

    Do I see a backyard sandbox in your future?

  3. Your soul sounds refreshed. Welcome back!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Key West! That place just makes me smile for days.

    BTW, I too have one of those babies people stop to coo over. I hope it doesn't go to her head later in life, but I'm...not so secretly...pleased that I made a cute one :-) When people stop to comment on her it makes me feel like, at least, I'm not delusional in my view of her, lol!

  5. Nope, you're not delusional, you have a cutie.