Monday, March 1, 2010

The unsharing mama

In MJ's early days, after her initial I-am-so-tiny-I-could-crumble-from-the-sight-of-a-germ phase, I was always happy to pass her around to any willing baby holders.  It gave me a little bit of a break from a squirming baby, and filled up other women's baby-tank, so it was an all around win-win.  These days, though, I am more begrudging.  I see her so much less that I generally don't want to put her down.  Ever.  And now she wants to be down more than ever; squirming, rolling, pre-crawling all over.  I am becoming more of a baby hoarder.  Her baby days are growing shorter and her days with me are already short.

DH is betting we have one week until MJ starts crawling, and I am hoping he's wrong.  She looked like she was on the verge of rolling for two months before it started, so perhaps this is just a fakeout.  I have been searching the internets for a way to stop time, and a Dr. Hassan Katsina from Nigeria has promised that for $10,000 he will do this for me.

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