Thursday, June 4, 2009


...and I know the distance is only going to grow. But seriously, not a single one of my friends have kids. I take that back, 2 of them do, but their kids have grown and they've had 20 some years to make peace with the mental distance between themselves and the rest of us. I love my friends, but it would sure be nice if there was someone I felt like I have something in common with (okay, really just this mentally all-consuming thing). These people do exist, and I even like them, but they don't come out very often. Which possibly means that will be us in 3 months, and it won't matter that I can't relate to anyone because I won't have time to relate to them. Or it's possible they all feel distant, too, and choose to be separate. Only time will tell which camp I fall into.

Anyway, other than feeling sorry for myself and being completely uninspired by work, life is good. And unexciting. A works all the time, I spend all my free time working on the basement. Hopefully to be completed this weekend. I'm trying to appreciate the peace, embrace the quiet, knowing it won't last forever. Le sigh. I think the peonies help with everything.


  1. Just know that you are not alone in this feeling.

  2. I'm hurt! :( You have friends with kids--we're just not near you!