Monday, June 8, 2009

Bluetooth Foofoo

A woman got on the bus this morning carrying ~15 plastic bags. These were not I-just-went-grocery-shopping plastic bags, but rather these-are-holding-half-of-my-worldly-possessions-and-the-other-half-is-under-a-bridge plastic bags. Poor dear, etc. BUT she had a bluetooth. When I think bluetooth, I think of people who are so busy that they can't bother to hold their phone to their ear. And to be fair, her hands were full. But really? For some reason that I cannot fathom it seems that everybody I actually see with bluetooths is not of the super-busy-my-net-income-is-equivalent-to-a-small-island-nation's variety, but more of the bag-lady variety. There is likely a whole separate population of people that fit into the first category that I don't regularly encounter, but it still doesn't make sense to me. Is bluetooth really just the new lazy?

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