Monday, June 29, 2009

My waddle has a soundtrack

Can. Not. Concentrate. And since I believe in overcompensating to make up for lost time, I think 2 posts in one day is a great idea. Here's my random thoughts on pregnancy for the moment, at exactly 30 weeks.

1. No real food cravings, but I have been eating strawberries like a mad woman. I've always liked strawberries, but only to the degree of buy-them-a-few-times-each-season. I've been going through about a pound every two days. I would probably go through more, but that would require more trips to the store. But I've had no wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-because-I-need-pickles moments.

2. Other favorite ingestable right now is fruit iced tea. Specifically, Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry and Black Cherry Berry. Though my trip to their website just now brings to my attention Acai Mango Zinger and Tropic of Strawberry. I'll add those to my must try list. Drop 5 teabags in a pitcher of water, stick in fridge overnight. Voila.

3. I hurt. All over. My feet constantly feel like I've just walked 60 Manhattan city blocks (I did that once, I speak from experience). I went shoe shopping for some comfier flip flops yesterday, because even Chaco's weren't cutting it. I found these Teva flip flops, they are like glorious little foot cushions. The only downside is that they squeak so much when I walk that my waddle has a soundtrack.

4. In 1.5 months I will be full term. Holy crap, that's soon.

5. As I mentioned a few posts ago, A will be my birth coach. He's taking it very seriously, which is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. He really doesn't take very much seriously, except maybe his job. But compared to the ER trauma he sees most of the time, he could care less about most other things that I tell him he should take serously. Like money. Or the many personal property items (including wallet) he frequently loses. Or a dirty toilet. It's sometimes a source of frustration to me. I was afraid he would approach this the same way, since he's seen plenty of women give birth and they all manage to pull it off. So what's the need of the coach? But that has not been the case. He takes my desire to forego meds seriously and is reading up on how he can coach me through this. I feel very, very lucky.

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