Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still growing....

I finally tracked down a water aerobics class this week. After serious effort psyching myself up, convincing myself I was going to have a lovely time chillin with the old ladies and rocking the pregnant bikini, turns out the start date is postponed until June 14th. That means I have to hold on to this false excitement for 2 more weeks. We'll see if I'm capable. In the meantime, I found a community fitness center for $25 a year! Sweetness. Turns out lunges are more difficult when you're carrying 20 extra pounds of weight. I've got a long way to go; better to start now, I suppose, than wait till post baby.

My friend Gullx was in town for a few days; the mini golf and horse racing cured what ails me. It's weird to think that these are all likely lasts... last time I'll see her before I have a baby. Last time I'll be normal before my life changes forever. I'm mentally very baby centric right now. I can't wrap my head around what life will be like. I feel like A and I are in such a good place right now, so happy, and I'm a little terrified of changing that.

Maybe the mumu's are just going to my head.

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