Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On avoiding BPA

In an effort to avoid BPA, I have started to cook beans myself, then freeze them in 1 cup portions.  My husband thinks I'm insane.  His argument being that we really don't eat that many beans.  My argument is... I'm not sure.  It just sounds like a good idea.  And cheap.  I'm all about the cheap.

On Sunday I put a pot of black beans on the stove, set the timer, then laid on the couch with my sick baybee.  She was so cuddly it was irrestible.  I'm not saying I like it when she's sick, but there are definite perks.  She has been unwilling to nap on me since... I don't know, 6 weeks old or so (some advice to the pregnant ladies, enjoy it while it lasts... they won't nap on you forever, and if they're as precocious as MJ will stop sleeping on your chest faster than you can say "Conan O'Brien".)  Anyway, I fell asleep, soaking in the sleeping-baby-bliss.

And the timer didn't go off.  The beans burnt.  Crusted to the bottom of my brand new Le Creuset dutch oven, which explicitly says "Do not dry cook in this or the gods of french cooking will smite your every attempt to make Beef Bourguignon."  They paid me back by filling my house with the worst smell I have ever conjured in a cooking attempt.  So while I may be avoiding a small amount of BPA each day, I suspect that the vapors me and MJ inhaled while we slept will cause not only cancer but sleep terrors and bunyons.  Maybe BPA's not such a bad option.


  1. Yikes! I really hope that your Le Creuset dutch oven survived!

  2. I haven't cooked with it since, but it looks no worse for wear. Turns out the French are a hardier lot than we Americans sometimes give them credit for. At least their cookware is, and what better to judge a nationality by than their cookware.