Thursday, December 24, 2009


The plumber will not be charging us more, but the drip is still not fixed.  Apparently we have some super-special faucet that they cannot find anywhere.  By super special, I just mean our bathroom has not been updated since about 1950.  I like bright yellow tile, y'all.  And since nobody at any warehouse is answering the phone (thank you, snow) it will not get fixed until next week.  The bitch switch is turned off for the holiday, thankfully.

On a sidenote, I just looked over a cover letter that I recently sent out for a job I applied to.  I misspelled the name of the person I sent the letter to.  Doh.  How do you recover from that?  "Yes, I know I can't even spell your name correctly, but I swear in all other aspects I'm very attentive."  Or how about a nice fruit basket?  Do fruit baskets send the message "I swear I can spel"?

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