Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Day

The fam left a few days ago.  And I then went into heavy duty work mode as I prepare for an (informal) presentation this Thursday, which is practice for a (formal) presentation at a conference in San Fran in a few weeks.  I also called our day care location yesterday to touch base, and it dawned on me that they might be able to watch MJ for a couple days while I get some work done.  It probably took more time to get everything together (bottle for every feeding!  bin for the diapers!  diaper cover for every diaper change(?)!) than she was actually there for, but it was amazing to have several hours of uninterrupted concentration.

When I got to the day care I was struck by how good this is going to be for her.  She constantly craves stimulation, and I know she will get it there.  More so than at home with me, when I'm doing work on my laptop and she stares at me like I'm the most boring person ever.  I really thought I would be able to leave her there with nothing but happy thoughts, but as I was leaving, I saw her sitting there, and she just looked so tiny.  Way too tiny to be entering this great big world on her own.  And I confess, there were tears.  But she was nothing but happy to see me 5 hours later, and I felt so much better having gotten some work done.  I know this is only the beginning.  I know this is the right decision for her; it's my job to give her as many experiences as I can.  It's my job to help fill her life with people who love her.  I am so thankful for all the crazy experiences I had as a child  (international travel at 5!  independent international travel at 15!) which I know were hard for my Mom (there were tears!) but which gave me so much strength and independence.  I want the same thing for my daughter, but I know it will never be easy.


  1. I bet it was hard to leave her. I'm already dreading it and my baby hasn't been born yet. Only 10 more weeks to go and then I get to experience everything you are. I hope my daughter is as easy as yours!

  2. I am just now trying to decide what is best for our little man; he is 4 months old & I have been bringing him to work with me but he needs more time so we are trying to decide....do I quit & be a SAHM or work & he goes to day care??

    I just don't know!

  3. Hey, I'm the one from the Nest with the baby in the same daycare. :) When I picked my daughter up yesterday, the afternoon teacher was talking about the new 3 month old baby who had been there that day, and I was wondering if it was you guys. Sounds like they were excited to have her! A new baby is always fun for them and all the staff love to visit and hold them. And she will have fun there too!

  4. Watch out for that Kaela, she's a blog stalker and you could soon be friends!