Sunday, July 12, 2009

My nesting is not like your nesting

I read quite a few blogs. Lots of pregnant chick blogs, or recently pregnanted blogs. Because that's where I am, that's where my head is, and, sadly, that's just about all I think about. It's no wonder I haven't made any new friends in a while... me and my one track mind.

Anyway. Everyone talks about their nesting. How they're climbing on furniture to dust the top of the undusted fan blades. Moving settees (what is a settee, anyway?) to vacuum in places no one will ever see. Taking out all their china to clean it and pack it away again.

I am nesting too. But my nesting is not like your nesting. My nesting involves finally trying to do something about the (very visible) mold on the shower curtain. Trying to track down the source of the fruit fly epidemic in our kitchen, which happens to be some 3-month old potatos in a sack on top of the refrigerator. And finally cleaning up the 2 years worth of spilled detergent on the floor next to the washing machine (which includes an entire bucket of spilled oxyclean and ~1/2 a bottle of liquid Tide that slowly leaked due to a poor bottle closure on my part.)

This kid better be born with a robust immune system. I hope evolution has also taught her not to put anything she finds on our floor in her mouth. Luckily, Vito will likely take care of floor cleanup before she gets the chance.

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