Monday, July 6, 2009

3rd tri slump

Fatigue is here. I thought I would be able to avoid him for another month or so, but he is unrelenting. The beginning of 3rd tri was pretty mellow, I managed to get quite a bit done and was feeling good, if a bit awkward. 30 weeks hit and I was done for. 31 weeks hit (today!) and I'm even more done for. Does that mean that I'll just keep thinking I hit rock bottom for the next 9 weeks, and it will never level out? Oy! I have the achy feeling that you get before you get really sick, only there's no sickness. Unless you consider baby a sickness, but that's just unkind.

I'm thankful I have the kind of job (though A says it's not really a job. But I get paid, so I think it counts) where I can decide for myself when enough is enough. But I still have 2 months left! I've been thinking all along that it's justifiable to stop coming in when I'm 2 weeks out, but that gives me 7 more weeks I need to hang on for. That sounds like a very long time. Hopefully this is just a phase...

In other news, the nursery is in progress. It is completely different than what I had initially envisioned, but I'm digging it. And considering I've spent $170 on everything in there I think I'm doing awfully good (my mom bought the crib, so that's cheating a little, but still good). I'll post pictures when I feel that I'm nearing completion.

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