Friday, April 3, 2009

Pregnant lady walks into a bar

I'm starting to realize that at some point it's going to be very awkward for me to go into a bar. Let me start by saying I am not imbibing in the bar, I stick to Coca-Cola Classic (which has been one of my only consistent cravings in pregnancy so far. That and brownies. Not too original here.) But I am part of a group of people that drinks. A lot. Daily, really. We are sometimes known as "geologists" but otherwise known as "drunkards". Our Thursday and Friday traditions involve a very dingy, smelly bar that was difficult for me during the morning sickness phase. Truly, it's kind of a Wednesday tradition as well. And then there's the Friday party. And the Saturday party. This is a week in the life of a geologist.

I continue to join in the weekly festivities, largely because I otherwise wouldn't see my friends. If you do a search for "geologist" and "beer" you'll see what I mean. In fact, the definition of Geologist in the Uncyclopedia starts "Geologists are 'scientists' with an unnatural obsession with geology (rocks and alcohol)." (BTW, I'm not really sure that sentence is logical, but you see what I mean).

But at what point can I no longer join? Or is there such a point? It's probably good that strangers look strangely at a pregnant lady in a bar. They're looking out for the future, right? But I always swore I wouldn't be one of those people who becomes a totally different person when they have kids. I haven't gotten to the have part yet, I'm still in the production phase. But if I give in now I'm doomed to be lame when I have a kid. And I'm still at that point where strangers generally won't ask if I'm pregnant because they might be wrong, but I'm pretty darn close to it. I need to start working on my comeback line now, I suppose.

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