Friday, April 10, 2009

Impending sex

I'm sitting at my desk, doing work, and every once in a while I feel a little "tap-tap". I'll be in the middle of talking to someone and all of a sudden I'm not listening at all, I'm only wondering what's going on. Was that a kick? A punch? A head butt? Or I'll be deep in thought,completely forgetting there's another creature around, and all of a sudden I'm reminded. No, baby is not thinking about instrumental precision or global correlation of records; baby could care less. Baby is doing his own thing, thinking his own thoughts. So weird. It's odd to think I have two brains right now, and no clue what one of them is thinking.

This consistent motion just started yesterday; I felt things before that, but very rarely and very sporadically. I ::like:: this feeling, but mostly it's just odd. Hard to wrap my head around.

Next Wednesday we (hopefully) find out the gender. I feel like a relative is calling daily (often the same couple of relatives) asking if we know yet. Every time I say "Next Wednesday". Then they promptly forget and ask again two days later. Still, we don't know. Though I keep using "he" rather than "it", that's the closest thing to an inclination I have. My Mom called me yesterday; she finally gave in and *had* to buy a Momma and baby apron that was *so* cute. I scolded her early on about not going overboard and buying all sorts of things, and she's done really, really well. So I had to let her have this one, even though I warned her that I think it's going to be a boy.

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