Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diaper World

Lordy! I'm not sure why, but I have been on a diaper-accumulation-spree. Partially because there are many good sales for earth day, but partially because I just can't stop myself. There is something about having a "stash" that makes me feel all warm and secure. Very squirrel like, stocking up my acorns. But these are diapers, how can they give me that feeling! I really don't know. But I am so proud of the stash I have now accumulated, all at amazing prices. I even had to write it all down, to finish off that warm and fuzzy feeling. So far:
  • 12 infant prefolds
  • 6 x-small thirsties covers
  • More snappies than one really needs, certainly (6, I think. I was confused by what they do and went overboard)
  • 6 small thirsties all-in-ones (v1, I think)
  • 6 BumGenius 3.0 one-size
  • 2 drybees bamboo fitted size 1
That's all for now. Though I think I need to exchange some of the thirsties covers for a size larger, 6 may be too many. And I'm in the midst of buying some Kissaluv 0's from a lady on the bump, along with a few more covers that I likely don't need (Bumkins, I think). Any cloth diapering mamas have any recommendations on where to go from here?

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  1. Me again ;-)

    For diapers, I have heard that kissaluvs size 0 are great for newborns. I only used prefolds, so I don't know personally...

    You will also need some kind of diaper safe detergent (I use biokleen from peapods in St Paul), a diaper pail (I have a super cheap plain flip top bin), a couple of bags to put in the bin (could use wetbags with plastic lining, I use old pillowcases), and a smaller wetbag for dirties on the go.

    If you are using cloth wipes, it's cheapest to just use cheap baby washcloths. You might want some kind of little spray bottle to fill with water/wipes solution to wet the wipes.

    Hope this helps!