Thursday, March 5, 2009

Girls who like boys who like boys who like girls

A man got on the bus this morning. A very nice looking, older gentleman, maybe about 50. He provided ample ponderment for my bus ride. His hair was obviously dyed, likely even blow dried (something I put in the category of extreme male behavior). What I could not figure out was whether he was gay or a womanizer. (I realize the extremity of my stereotyping here.) Older gay gentlemen and older womanizing gentlemen are very hard to distinguish. Which I find ironic, because in some ways they are complete opposites. Or at least their tastes are complete opposites. Evolutionarily, this really doesn't make sense to me. You would think that what attracts other gay men would be different than what attracts women, but this is apparently not true, at least not in terms of appearance. Perhaps the only reason we like straight men is because they like us.

Addendum: Shortly before disembarking, I saw his cuff peek out from underneath his jacket. He was wearing a yellow shirt with blue polka dots. I decided he was a gay gentleman.

Note: Ponderment is not a real word. But it should be.

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