Friday, March 15, 2013

Our first graduation

Today was hard on me.  I thought it might be hard on MJ, but I was (thankfully) wrong.  Today she said farewell to the only daycare/preschool she's ever known.

She started there when she was 4 months old.  I cried then, but I cried more today.  She has moved through 4 different rooms there, and many loving teachers.  They have seen her learn to crawl, learn to walk, learn to run, learn to draw, learn to share, learn to talk, and learn to give hugs.  It has been like a second home for us, and without family living close by has been a total godsend.  She kept going months longer than she really needed to, because it has been such a loving, nurturing environment.

I felt silly for tearing up when I picked her up today.  But then I saw that all the teachers were crying, and felt a little less silly.  I thought that her seeing me cry would make this transition harder for her, but she was fine.

One of the teachers said to another "I don't even know what this place is without MJ".  They all told her how much they love her as she left.

How very blessed we have been.

Helping clean up after gym.  The BEST part of the day.
Unphased.  Change, bah.  I can handle it.

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