Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Freakin Puerto Ricans

I hope that's not an insult... I don't really know these things.

I'm not going to give a full accounting of our trip, but if you want details feel free to ask.

I will share a few MJisms, though.

On our first night there, she was up late enough to see the stars and moon.  It's a rarity, because it's too cold in the winter to be outside much in Minnesota, and in the summer it gets dark so late that she's usually asleep.

So it was fun to watch the stars with her. 

Her comment: "I wish I could climb up a ladder and pull them all down.  And put them in my bedroom."

She befriended the resident cat lady and fed the kitties every evening.  They were terrified of MJ, but she had treats so they tolerated.

There is more.  Greta is awake.  It will all have to wait, time to click "publish".

At our hotel, watching the fish.

Trying to get Greta to stop eating sand by distracting her with a cup.

Yes, those thighs are real.  No airbrushing required.

Our traveling high chair.  But she's basically outgrown it now.

Don't be fooled.  She wasn't impressed that we made her watch the sunset, she wanted to go feed the cats.

It was so terrifying to watch them in the waves.  This surf was rough.

My camera always stumps other people.  It's always lucky when someone manages to take a decent picture with it.  This was our hotel balcony.  The water lapped at the balcony during high tide - yikes!

Old San Juan.  The oldest fort in San Juan.

Waiting for brunch.  So nice to be able to play outside.

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  1. You got some awesome family pics - love them!