Monday, March 19, 2012

Ultrasound Cheer

There's no better way to prepare for the anatomy ultrasound than to read the CDC statistics on birth defects, don't you think?  Here's a few of them for you to peruse:

Are you as shocked as I am to learn that over 3% of babies in the U.S. are born with birth defects?  I wanted to think that it applied to other categories of women than me, but nope.  For under 35 singleton births it's still about 3%.  The number is also higher in white women than in black or hispanic women.

At any rate, our anatomy ultrasound is later today.  (And yes, hopefully the gender ultrasound, too.)  In addition to expecting a slight scolding at my atrocious weight gain (almost 21 weeks and 18 pounds) I dread bad news.  And nothing like the CDC to fuel that dread. 

So hi.  Just saying what's on my mind.  MJ's hoping for a sister.  I'm hoping for functional organs.  Will let you know what we find out.

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