Monday, December 12, 2011


Alternate title:  2 years and 3 months
Alternate alternate title:  I suck at daily blogging.

I've been talking a lot about me lately.  And since this blog is my drama, not MJ's drama, I'm okay with that.  But I really love looking back to read what she was doing at various points and need to maintain some foresight.

In short, there's is nothing she's not doing.  (Other than peeing on the potty.)  The child talks up a storm.  She sings songs to herself in the back seat that are so loud we can hardly hear our conversation in the front seat.  It no longer matters if DH and I have anything to talk about at dinner, because she keeps the conversation going.

She attacks people with chapstick, irregardless of need or desire.

She continues to increase the number of babies she looks after at once.  She discovered that she can put them all on a food tray and therefore carry them together.  This way, she can put 8 babies (of various stuffed natures) to bed and then carry them around.

I have to get used to, and learn to appreciate, her independence.  She's happy to get her own water these days, but it often involves about 6 ice cubes, and water in the bathroom (because that's the sink she can reach).  Both of these irk me, but really, I should just be glad she can start to look after herself.  She wants to learn to dress herself, which is a good thing.  I have to learn to relinquish control.

Other isms?

Yesterday she asked for a bottle of cheese.

She has started to call DH by name.  I'm not sure what prompted that.

Her and Vito fight like siblings.  They steal each others toys, and wrestle, and when he does something she doesn't like she comes whining to me, asking me to fix it.

She climbs, or tries to climb, EVERYTHING.  Really, everything.   Including the wall and the standing mirror.

She negotiates.  She asks for something, like a snack.  We say no.  So she asks again, and says "Okay?  Okay?  Okay?" ad infinitum.  If we say "no", she just interrupts us with "Okay?"  I can tell that, had she the words, this is where she would be inserting every reason she can think of why we should agree.  But, at 2, her sole negotiating tool is "Okay?"

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