Monday, November 29, 2010

Tunnel vision

MJ has one of these fun Ikea play tunnels, a gift from her grandmother:
though by fun I mean that I enjoy it far more than she does.  For example, it served as my halloween costume.

I crawled inside and waddled around while holding a mirror.

I was a?  You-tube!


But what MJ does enjoy are tunnels that remind her of the blue tube.  Turns out there are these little cat tunnels strangely reminiscent of her play tunnel:

An important question arises:  what came first, the kid tunnel or the cat tunnel?
MJ seems to like the cat tunnel better than the kid tunnel.
As evidenced by her Thanksgiving performance, in which she put the hole over her head and walked around with a tunnel on her head.
God I love this child.  She never ceases to make me laugh.

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