Monday, November 29, 2010

Sometimes I just need perspective.

Tonight I found myself trying to hand MJ's sippy cup to Vito.  I stared at him for a couple seconds before realizing why he wasn't taking it.  Lack of opposable thumbs, mostly, because he'll happily lick milk off of MJ's face.

That has nothing to do with this post.  But it is evidence of how scattered my brain is.

I just wrote a post about how stressed MJ makes me.  And how I love her like flies love.... fruit.  But sometimes I find it hard to focus on that love.

Then I caught up on google reader, and in so doing read about the Sartins. If it's not a blog you already follow, you might cry.  Her little boy, only 12 months old, has been battling cancer.  And if she can maintain her positive outlook, I certainly don't have any damn excuse.  I'll probably post some version of my stressed out post when I once again lose perspective, which I'm bound to do.  I'm convinced my 14.5 month old is the most rambunctious child alive, and while it may not be true, it would take a lot for you to convince me otherwise.   But for the moment, I'll remember that every day she walks the earth I love her more than the day before.  And every day it seems impossible that I'll love her more than I do today, and every new morning proves that's not true.

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