Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The week of the boob.

After my recent post, or perhaps before it, I decided to devote myself to the boob this week.  Because I am just not ready to give up.  Consider it a resolution: I decided to do my darnedest to get my supply up, which means I am constantly pumping.  I have never felt more bovine.  But the good thing?  I got ~9 ounces yesterday, which is about a 30% increase**.  In only two days. 

Also in my quest, I have become sloppy.  I do not recommend pouring a cup of coffee into your breastpump.  Although it is better equipped to handle liquid than, say, a laptop (which I also don't recommending pouring a cup of coffee into) it is still a mess.*

*As though subect to a terrible round-robin of fate, I just spilled breastmilk on my keyboard as I was packing up the pump.
**Edit:  I mean 50% increase.  Because my math sucks.  I was just teaching this to my students yesterday, and then I go and forget my own lesson.

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