Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I miss sleep

I just slept in my office.  There were times, in my younger days, when I snuck a nap in my office.  But they always involved staying out too late partying.  This is, instead, due to my daughter staying up too late partying. 

My Mom got in town last night, and I swear MJ knew it.  Her flight got in long past MJ's bed time.  I gave Mom the rundown of everything that has changed with her granddaughter since the last time she saw her.  Briefly, the list is:

1)  She's mobile now.  She doesn't move terribly quickly, but she can get herself into trouble if left alone.  That means the only safe places to put her while you dash downstairs to switch the laundry over is her high chair, her crib, her swing or her exersaucer.  Everything else she can push herself out of.  Or tries to ingest.

2)  Noises!  So many noises.  Bubbles.  Tongue clicks.  Shrieks.  They're lovely, but can be frightening if you think something might be wrong.  Nothing's wrong.  She's just loud.

3)  She's the cutest human on the planet.  No, wait, that's not new.  She's just cuter than her previously cutest-human-on-the-planet status.

So after my late to bed turn in, MJ must have smelled her Grandma.  Not that Grandma smells, maybe MJ just has a super human nose.  From 1am - 4 am she was wide awake and happy as a clam.  Yes, it was glorious, but that nap in the office was necessary, else I would have melted into a puddle of mama-juice on the floor.  What I wouldn't give for a good solid 9 hours of sleep. 


  1. You were getting sleep before you mom came into town?!

  2. Please tell me...were you sleeping under or on top of your desk? I also have to give that breakdown to my's been three years since we've been home! It's gonna be tough!

  3. Nope, wasn't getting sleep before, either. But I thought this would be my chance to catch up. I slept in the chair in my office... luckily I have a door. Though I thought I cranked the heat up and in fact turned it off. It's cold in Minn with no heat.

  4. that is awesome.......wish you would have posted this last week when my mom was visiting :) I am still recovering!!