Thursday, February 25, 2010

In retrospect

I'm procrastinating today, which means you get two posts in two days. This may be two data points, but it is not a trend. It is most definitely a fluke.
So.... ta da! You get a post about what I would do differently in this whole baby making business. Here they are.
1. I would not gain so much weight while pregnant. I would watch what I eat more carefully. I mostly ignored people that said "you're eating for two now!" I didn't throat punch them, though I wanted to. But some of that message still seeped through, because I gained over 40 pounds while I was pregnant. I stopped weighing myself at 40, which I hit at about 37 weeks. I suspect it was over 45 pounds total. Not drastically outside the realm of normal, particularly compared to some women I've encountered. And I've lost almost all of that (except for the last stubborn 5 pounds or so.) But I was so freaking uncomfortable during my pregnancy. With back and sciatic issues that still nag me somewhat, and all that weight was horrible to drag around. So yes, I will try to keep it down next go round, just for my own comfort.
2. I would realize that my supply is more fragile than I thought. I would not assume that if it dips I can get it to come back up. I would wake myself in the middle of the night to pump, even if I'm lucky enough to have another baby that sleeps through the night. I didn't do as much research as I should have about breastfeeding, and didn't realize that your supply isn't established until 6 weeks until I was already at that mark. So I would probably stress less about labor and more about breastfeeding. I would do more homework on breastfeeding and not assume that the lactation consultant will tell me everything I need to know.
3. I would buy things like breastpumps, baby swings, mobiles, etc., before the baby came. I held off, hoping that I could get by without so much stuff. But what it really meant is that I was scrambling to acquire these things after the baby came.
I guess I'm pretty lucky to think that I would change so little.  I read a lot before MJ arrived, and from there just went with instinct.  So far, it seems to be working pretty well. 

Things I wouldn't change:
1. Cloth diapers. I love, love, love them. The week I had to use disposables sucked.
2. Taking time off. It was wonderful to get to spend so much time with my baby (4.5 months!)
3. Returning to work. I dreaded it, but it has been great.
4.  Having her sleep in her own crib.  I assumed we would co sleep, because that seemed to be what babies required.  But she was happier in her own crib, and I slept better.  If it works, run with it. 


  1. I know you didn't, but I'm just going to let myself believe you wrote this post for me. Everything-Maggie-wants-to-know-101.

  2. You know what I found interesting? #3. Most moms say that their first baby taught them that they didn't even need that baby stuff to begin with (with the exception of the breastpump).

    I do have to say, though, that buying the essentials like diapers, a carseat, a few items of clothes, nuks, a bassinet, breastfeeding care items, nursing shirts, and a baby carrier really should be bought ahead of time. So, ditto, Sister! I hate shopping for those things with a new baby. Ug. It's worse to order online because you have to wait for them.

  3. I will say, the "extra" things I listed were about all we needed. We still avoided a lot of things, so maybe there's a balance between buying too much and not enough. We didn't buy things like wipe warmers, bottle sterilizers, etc. But I do think the swing is necessary. And a few toys. My baby was pretty old before I realized she had no toys. And kids do need toys, just not too many.

  4. Great list - I definitely agree with #3 - buying anything right after the baby comes is a major pain!