Monday, October 12, 2009

The most shocking thing about my baby

This didn't hit me until she was a few days old, because A is wonderful and did all the diaper changes those first few days. To be fair, I was recovering from major surgery, and needed all the help I could get. But, too, A is wonderful.

Anyway. My first diaper change. I had never changed a diaper before, but how hard can it be? They seem straight forward enough. Take off dirty diaper. Wipe off poo. Put clean diaper on. The shocker? After I wiped off her poo, I noticed that even her butthole is cute. A tiny, perfectly puckered little butthole. Brand spanking new. Barely used. The fact that even my daughter's butthole is adorable is proof of just how perfect she is.


  1. I love the virtually non-existent butt cheeks of newborns. It makes their butt cracks look funny.

  2. LOL. You are a sweet mommy.


  3. I don't think I understand mommy humor.
    There's a probably 30 something year old mom at the school I co op at, and she's got an eyebrow piercing. So that's pretty cool