Monday, October 12, 2009

One Month

And the smiles have begun. There is quite possibly nothing better than having visual evidence that your baby is happy.

The day after I had her it was in the 90's. Today there is snow on the ground and it's been coming down all day. Yes, she's changing quickly, but not as quickly as the weather. I do like snow, but it's hard to accept that winter is already here and won't be gone until April, at least. October is not supposed to be a month of snow; you can't see the leaves change color if they're covered in snow.

It's interesting to me that before I had her, when there wasn't much excitement, just a lot of waiting, I had plenty to blog about. Now I'm at a loss, and all I really have is pictures. She's a good baby, I have no complaints. She generally sleeps 4 to 5 hours at a stretch at night. She only cries when she's hungry, needs to be changed or tired. The rest of the time she's happy. I know I'm partial, but she's impossible not to love.

We've started taking her out more and more. I realize she's not yet six weeks, and therefore we're supposed to limit her exposure to crowds. But considering her Dad works in the ER, I'm not convinced that taking her out and covering her up is worse than just hanging out at home. She's at high risk for exposure no matter how you cut it, but it makes me extra glad that breastfeeding's going well.

So this last week we hung out with our friends on four separate occasions. She did great, and it was so nice to feel somewhat normal again. We're social people, isolation makes us crazy (A more so than me). It's nice to be able to have a baby and still feel normal. Last Thursday was the first day that I really felt like myself again. A had the day off; he had to run some errands and Madeline and I went to the mall while he ran around. I went dress shopping for this fancy dress event we're going to in a few weeks (Madeline's first babysitting experience.) It was somewhat discouraging to not be able to fit into things I used to fit into, though I realize it could be a lot worse at this point. Considering I was up over 40 pounds (I stopped weighing myself after I had gained 40) I'm happy to only have 7 more to go. Unfortunately it will be too cold to run outside once I'm cleared for exercise, so I'll have to get creative.

Anyway, here's some pics to celebrate Madeline's first month on earth. Many more to come, hopefully just as happy as this one was.

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