Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sick, sick, sick.

This is turning into quite a terrible week. Sunday I (likely) destroy my laptop. Particularly important because friday (day-after-tomorrow) I take my preliminary oral exams (i.e. biggest event of my PhD other than the dissertation defense.) On top of that, my morning sickness kicked in Monday (thankfully only mildly) and I caught dh's cold. Ended up with a fever of 102 last night, so I've been taking acetaminophen all day to keep the fever down.

There's a sad dearth of info. about this. But I did find a little something here: Effects of high fever during the first trimester. I didn't actually start searching google scholar, as I am wont to do, but at any rate I have decided to do what I can to keep the fever down.

Pet peeve of the day: people who post stupid comments in online forums, making it apparent they haven't read any of the other comments and asking for advice such as "Oh my god, I have a fever of 99 degrees and I'm 5 weeks pregnant! Please tell me what I should do!" Seriously? If you had read the article you're posting your question to it would have been answered. This is why I generally stick to google scholar.

Must get more work done, but find myself needing to sleep every hour. I'm getting nothing accomplished. I have fears that my exam is going to be awful but I don't have the capacity right now to work to change that...

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