Monday, January 19, 2009

7 weeks 1ish day.

First day of puking. Brought on by this nasty cough that dh passed along to me, and the ongoing slight queasiness. I really can't complain, I've been feeling excellent so far. Everyone else I've heard of that gets morning sickness seems to be hit by it in week 5 or 6. Not that I really know my exact "week" but I'm 7 or greater. Biggest problem is probably that all I want to eat is rich comfort foods. So I made some mac n' cheese today. It would be nice to not get fat and pregnant. Just pregnant would be sufficient.

So the 'secret' is mostly out. We told the mothers and father; they told most of the rest. We had asked them to keep it to themselves, but under (over?) estimated their ability to do so. I'm glad they're happy but I'm paranoid something will happen. Though the part of me that wonders if I'm ready for this thinks I wouldn't be devastated if something did happen. I don't think that's actually true, though.

Cute story of the day. DH goes up to our friend B on Saturday and says "I have a surprise for you. Wanna be the first to know?"

B says "Hold on, I'll be right back." Runs in the other room and returns with a card.

Card is signed by all our closest buds. They had even sent it to themselves a week ago in order to prove to us that they had known and were just waiting for us to tell them. T apparently told the group "She's not drinking and they're building a room in their basement. I am 100% positive that she's pregnant."

It's amazing what good friends we have.

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