Thursday, January 24, 2013

A follow up.

Two weeks ago we went to Florida.  Bonita Springs, near Fort Meyer.  I sort of dreaded it, because the four of us would be sharing one tiny room.  First world problems, I know.  White Whine, etc. At some point in the past couple years, I decided that it wasn't really worth it to travel somewhere and stay in a single room.  If we were spending so much to get there, and stay there, springing for the extra room that is found in, say, a suite, was always worth it.  With kids that go to bed early, it is totally worth it for the ability to stay awake and chat, especially since you're on vacation and can't go anywhere else since the kids are sleeping.  With two kids, that is even more true.  But we were tagging along on hub's work conference, and the hotel was full, so single room for us it was.

In truth, it was one of the best vacations we've had in recent memory (the girls and I, since Dad worked much of the time).  I felt like a whirlwind.  We were going from morning to night, and I slept so hard at night that I could never even remember what was happening when I awoke.   Not like me at all.

Looking through my photos, I'm frustrated I didn't take more of them.  I felt like I took a lot at the time, but we were going with such momentum that I missed a lot of things.  Like, for example, not a single photo of the water slide that MJ was obsessed with.  None of the turd at the bottom of the pool that shut it down for an afternoon (wait... maybe I don't want a photo of that... at least it wasn't my kid!)

There's not a whole lot to report, I guess, other than lots of splashing in the water and time hanging out with family (my Mom was staying at my Aunt's house nearby, and my cousin decided to come down as well!)  I wasn't sure how it all would go, and if we would get to see much of them, but we got to see tons of them, which was awesome.

The trick to all this, which I've neglected to share, is that the girls slept in the bathroom.  We made a little bed for MJ in the bathtub, and pushed Greta's crib in there as well.  No one was allowed to flush the toilet at night.  In truth, this is not the first time we've done this, and it has become such a habit that MJ is used to and looks forward to sleeping in the bathtub when we travel.  Some day she'll have to grow out of it, I suppose, but then Greta can have a turn.  I forget that this is not normal to everyone else.

A few photos of the festivities.  Not at all representative of what we spent our time doing, since there are so many from the beach and few from the pool.

I asked MJ to pack her backpack, but she decided that wasn't enough space.  So she took EVERYTHING out of our suitcase and filled it with books and toys.  It was hilarious, though I unfortunately didn't think so at the time.  
Greta is not quite as busy on the plane as MJ was at this age.  But still pretty busy.  Thankfully we've a few tricks now, including let her tear every page from a magazine, and the old standby, a plastic cup.  With a little bit of ice, all the better.

By the time we got to the hotel, MJ was quite possibly the most tired I have ever seen her.  Hot and sweaty, too.

The reunion.  Love these smiles.

The view from our window.  Totally lovely, surrounded by mangroves.

See these baby thighs!!  Amazing!  I'm making her spend a lot more necked time back home, just so I can catch glimpses.  

Greta was not a fan of these.  Neither was MJ, three years ago when I bought them.  But I made her wear them because I thought they were cute.  I managed one smile before she was through with them.

A bit confused.

Can't hold their smiles in.  Even when they don't want their pictures taken.

Love this expression.  "Help me, mom.  They're too much!"  I feel that way too most days.

The fountain below our window, 12 floors down.

A pina colada I weaseled out of Aaron one evening while he was schmoozing downstairs at the hotel bar. God I love these things.  I don't ever want to know how many calories are in them.  I think I don't.  I said the same thing about eggnog lattes, until I found it, and now I don't drink them. Maybe this is why I managed to gain 4 pounds in 5 days.

MJ's bed.

Greta's high chair.  Necessity is the mother of invention.

These guys were sports, when we dragged them to mini-golf.  Probably not how Sarah envisioned spending her birthday.... 
Aunt Phylis!

Papa Chuck!  Lucky thing we're not in stranger-danger territory yet.

Sarah and MJ, the drama queen.  "DO NOT TAKE MY PICTURE."

The trolley bus.  One of the highlights of the trip, apparently.  Not having to sit in a car seat is an amazing thing.

Total contentment.  What you can't hear is the waterfall from the pool about 5 feet to the left of them; so loud!

After about 8 months of swim lessons, I was curious to see how MJ would do.  Turns out, still terrifying to watch!  She thinks she can swim and is happy to go above her head at any time. 

Greta also loved the water, which was not all that warm.  But she loved floating around.  I loved wearing a swimsuit, doncha know.

The hammock we discovered shortly before leaving.  None of us were excited to return to the great white north.
This was a very cold pool.  I dragged MJ under the water fall after the kid pooped in the other pool... she wasn't ecstatic about it.
Gave the kiddos shuttling water in order to build a sand castle in the shade.  Very effective.

Sand!  I have a photo of MJ, one month older, wearing the same outfit and also eating sand.  Should dig that out.  We apparently don't have kids with sensitivities to textures.

Ignore the side boob.  Sorry about that.

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I let her chew on a shell.  How else are you going to raise a geologist?  

Our morning entertainment.
The grandparents, in their native habitat.

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  1. Love the bathroom 'bedroom' for the girls. I'll have to keep that in mind if we were to ever travel anywhere.