Monday, November 12, 2012

Growing Up.

This morning was our first (real) snowfall.  By real, I mean it actually stuck.  When Greta first woke me up, it was just a dusting, but by the time MJ woke up it was a full on snowfall.  She announced her wake up by screaming


down the hallway.

She then wandered into the bathroom while I took a shower, parked herself on the radiator and stuck her nose to the window.  When I finally told her she had to tear herself away to go potty, she asked

"Mom, can you pause it?"

Meaning, can I pause the snowfall so she didn't miss any of it.

A very fitting question this morning as I ponder the anniversary of my own birth.  One year older and still haven't figured out how to "Pause It". 

One year older and so-totally-blessed.

One year older and some big changes.

Quit my job a couple weeks ago.

And started this project:

I have a couple other projects I'm thinking about, but they're longer in the making.  I'll stick to these little ones for now.   By little ones, I mean the big little ones (MJ & Greta) and the little little ones (a website). 


  1. Happy birthday :) We were just discussing the pub crawl we did for your bday a few years ago. You should organize another one, because that was good times. ALARY'S FOREVER.

  2. OMG your new website is AMAZING. Going to go read it all. All of it.

    (Also, MJ's "pause" request is totally the cutest thing ever.)

    (Also, congrats on quitting your job!)